Basket Features & Dimentions

WonderBasket™ vs Wrought Iron Basket

See first hand why the WonderBasket™ is the best way to hang potted plants.

WonderBasket™ Pot Arrangements*

Depending on the pots you use there's an unlimited amount of arrangements. Here are some of the most common layouts.


Plants Not Included. WonderBasket™️ is not responsible for any ceiling hardware or its installation. Installation to the ceiling is the owners’ responsibility. No ceiling hardware is supplied. WonderBasket™️ has a 15-pound weight limit. Do not use more than a quart of water at a time when watering the WonderBasket™️. When water comes out of the bottom of your pots stop watering.

Ceiling hook not provided and WonderBasket™️ is not responsible for any damage to ceiling while hanging. Ceiling hook should always be installed on a stud, do not install hook in just drywall.