Indoor Plants: Nature's Oxygen Boosters for Your Home

Indoor Plants: Nature's Oxygen Boosters for Your Home


I wanted our first blog to address indoor plants. And even more specifically, plants that produce oxygen. With indoor spaces getting smaller and more limited and various lifestyles, indoor plants have become crowded, many plants are placed on the floors and counter spaces, quite frankly running out of room. With the invention of the WonderBasket and the no drip watering system this situation can dramatically change.

We all know the pleasures plants give us; they have health benefits also especially when we spend more time indoors under the current conditions why not get some other benefits. Indoor foliage soothes the soul, relaxes the mind, and puts the entire room into an atmosphere of its own. But wait there is another major benefit that is sometimes not talked about at all and that is the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen from indoor plants. 

I won’t go into who said what and where, there are more than adequate studies on the subject matter including the prominent study from NASA. So, it’s established plants to convert carbon into oxygen and I want to remind you of the top contenders in this field that should be in your indoor mix of foliage, especially the bedroom at night.

The plants that we will talk about do their work at night meaning, “they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.” From sunset to sunrise! The actual scientific process I am not going to go into this time however, I am going to go into the variety of plants that you should be considering in your top order oxygen plant list. So, here we go start filling up your rooms with these plants. (I do not know the exact formula of how many plants needed per square foot, I’m sure with a little research on Google you might come up with some precise information that you feel is correct.“

I’m just going to list these plants. There really isn’t a number 1 or number 2 or number 10. Certain plants on my list; I enjoy more but the selection is totally up to you. So, here’s our first cast member….

Number 1. Succulents their very hard-working plant. There are many varieties of them, unbelievable and the colors are fantastic. 

Number 2. Spider plants are proven scientific air purifiers with strong air purifying properties. They are known to remove 95% of the benzene, carbon monoxide and nitrates from the air in a room. These plans can really do a job on bad contaminated air. 

Number 3. Orchids, how can we be so blessed to have such beautiful creatures beautifying our room but gracing our bedroom or workspaces with clean air. One of the better varieties known to do this is the Vanda orchid quite easily to find and can be easily maintained.

 Number 4.  Aloe vera. Here is a plant that just keeps giving and giving of course aloe is put in so many creams and lotions and skincare products it’s hard to believe that at night it’s just chugging away and purifying the air in your bedroom, what a wonderful species this plant is. Plus, during the day it’s beautiful green colors will lift the spirit of any room.

Number 5.  Ficus Benjamina which is not only a potted plant I regard them as a small tree almost and they Ficus Benjamina, adapt almost to any space under almost any conditions and will grow for years and years, are easy to maintain with simple watering and monthly fertilization and the return is wonderful. Nothing can beat a beautiful Ficus.

Number 6. The Peace Lily. The Lily is unique not only does it produce a beautiful flower but it’s variegated leaves of light and green is such a beautiful flowering plant and cannot be overlooked in any mix when setting up plans for indoor variety its reputation as a carbon monoxide converter is up at the top of the lists clean and beautiful green leaves one cannot beat it.

Number 7. The snake plant this name sort of represents its ability to creep up on you as far as admiring its beauty there are many varieties of this plant and the variations of green and yellow make this plant not only stand out as an air purifier but a real beauty in your indoor mix

Number 8. Calathea.  One cannot pass up this foliage when it comes to adding a variety in their indoor plant list. Color and patterns of the leaves are very tropical and feeling similar to ti leaf, you will think that you will be feeling that clean tropical breezes when admiring it in an Island style indoor environment

Number 9. Jade plant. Another plant with tropical overtones and is a standard it’s also easy to grow. It’s name Jade says it all and should be considered in your indoor plant lists as a very stable and practical indoor plant.

So come one come all, all these houseplants look amazing, and they are so beautiful and now they have health benefits for us in carbon monoxide to oxygen transformation that is win win or should I say wind wind after you’ve felt so good when filling your lungs with all that clean-air. 

Looking around your room you will see that the combined foliage will create a well-being of the mind, lift your spirits, and purify the air you breathe with a little love and little water. You can transform any indoor room into a tropical paradise that’s carbon neutral and filled with fresh oxygen. enjoy, 


Sandy Seamann

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